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“What I want out of my life is to come in here and sift through slime and bugs. Unfortunately, my family is one of those who secretly run the world. The reason that I do not want to go to that banquet is because the other members of the ruling elite will make a big fuss about seeing me. My secret will be out and my life….this life that I love will be ruined. I’m asking you please….please just let me be Jack Hodgins who works in the lab.”

Dr. Jack Hodgins is the bugs, slime, and particulates expert for the Jeffersonian Institute’s Medico-Legal lab, rounding out the team formed by Dr. Temperance Brennan, Dr. Zach Addy, Dr. Camille Saroyan, and Angela Montenegro. Despite holding three Ph.D.s he comes much closer to being an Average Joe than some of his colleagues.

Hodgins is a conspiracy buff who at times likes to act more anti-establishment than he actually is. He also has some minor anger issues, as evidenced by the rubber band he wears around his wrist as an anger management tool. On both counts he has mellowed considerably, due at least in part to his relationship with Angela which has evolved from friendship, to flirting, to full-blown romance.

Hodgins’s anti-establishment, authority-bucking leanings can be partially chalked up as rebellion against his upbringing, which was—to put it mildly—very privileged. Hodgins is the sole heir to the Cantilever Group, the third largest privately owned corporation in the country, and the single largest donor to the Jeffersonian. Hodgins spends a good deal of his time trying to live down his affluent background and managed to keep his family ties a deep dark secret from his coworkers for quite a while. Booth and Angela worked it out after hearing Zach’s description of Hodgins’s estate (Zach lives in the apartment above Hodgins’s garage). At Hodgins’s request they kept his secret from everyone, including Brennan, though a year later he confessed it to her himself while they were trapped underground by the Gravedigger. While Hodgins is not at all averse to having money, what he wants out of life is to work anonymously in the lab.

Jack Hodgins is in his mid-thirties, and is on the short side of average with a wiry build. He has very curly light brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and blue eyes. He typically dresses down, wearing jeans and a hoodie under his lab coat. Hodgins is a bit of a risk taker, and has an extremely dry sense of humor.

Jack Hodgins is from the FOX series Bones and exists here for the sole purpose of playing in [info]milliways_bar from which no profit is being made. Hodgins is played by T.J. Thyne.
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